The Future of SwiftStorm Studios

Hey guys! Recently, SwiftStorm Studios has been undergoing major changes. We’ve formed a new team, revamped our group, and announced our next game.

The Team

We now have a team of 3. As opposed to what we were doing, with a team of a few people from the internet and a few we actually knew, we now have a team of close friends. This improves almost every aspect of the group, including communication and motivation.

The Group

We’ve refreshed our Roblox group with a fresh new logo, new merchandise, and an updated description. All of this is in preparation for our new game.

The Game

Finally, time for the game. We’re working on a racing game with a twist. Weather. You will have to race a range of cars from low-end sedans to full off-roaders all the way to designated racing cars. You can see more about the project on our games page.

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