Hello! This is our page for the status of our games!

Current Projects

Battle Burst


Battle Burst is a fast-paced combat game! It combines ranged and melee weapons in head-to-head battles on a fair playing field. Are you a melee person? You’ll get a slight speed boost to dodge those pesky bullets. Ranged all the way? Your weapon will take longer to reload and will emit a loud sound. So play Battle Burst, and enjoy whatever playing style you like.

Speedrun World


In Speedrun World, the name of the game is to go fast! Run through different themed “worlds,” and try to collect gems and coins along the way. You can use those to buy more worlds to run through. Can you get the fastest time?

Past Projects

Tornado Valley


NOTE: This was the first game on the group. It was shut down in late 2019 because of a number of issues, primarily group instability, bad programming, bad game design, and overall not a great game concept.

Play as a powerful tornado and wreck everything in your path! Earn debris and use them to buy more tornadoes.