We’re coming back.

Yep. disregard everything said in the last few posts. I have decided to continue development on Roblox as a (primarily) solo development group.


I have chosen to remaster the group’s current games, Battle Burst and Speedrun world. This will push Battle Burst into full release 1.0.0, and should be released by late February. Speedrun World will be remastered sometime later this year.

About last post…

I have decided to push learning Unity to later, and mainly focus on the Roblox group for the next few years.

Group Goals

I’ve set the group goals for 2022:

  • Reaching 1,000+ group members.
  • Having 2+ published games.
  • Having 100,000 total game visits.

The Transition

Hey guys! It’s been a while since my last update. This is a bit of bitersweet news; I’m going to start transitioning away from Roblox. I’m currently learning a new programming language that will allow me to publish games directly on the App Store. I will probably still do *some* Roblox development, but not as a full-time thing.

Announcing Some Changes

Stopping Development of Battle Burst

Hey guys! We’ve decided that Battle Burst will be receiving its last update in mid to late May. I (Nick) really don’t have much support or motivation to work on the project, and I honestly don’t really enjoy combat games. I have learned so much from making Battle Burst, and I think its time to move on. After this, I will be shifting the group to more open-style games, rather than round-based ones. I really enjoy games like Miner’s Haven and Lumber Tycoon. And weather simulations. (Epic foreshadowing) I know a lot of you will be disappointed or leave the group over this. I apologize, but I feel this is the right thing to do. My main motivation for developing is the joy it brings me and others. I find that with the type of game(s) that we’ve been making, I don’t enjoy. And barely anyone plays them. This change will hopefully help with my motivation, mental health, and quality of the games. Thank you for understanding.

The Next Chapter

There is good news! We know the general idea of the game and are planning it out as we speak. The game is going to be a hurricane simulation / survival game. I don’t want to say anything else *yet*, but it’s going to be good. It will have a development period of around 6-10 months. We’re going to take our time and make a quality game! Thanks for sticking with us through this shift.

The Future of SwiftStorm Studios

Hey guys! Recently, SwiftStorm Studios has been undergoing major changes. We’ve formed a new team, revamped our group, and announced our next game.

The Team

We now have a team of 3. As opposed to what we were doing, with a team of a few people from the internet and a few we actually knew, we now have a team of close friends. This improves almost every aspect of the group, including communication and motivation.

The Group

We’ve refreshed our Roblox group with a fresh new logo, new merchandise, and an updated description. All of this is in preparation for our new game.

The Game

Finally, time for the game. We’re working on a racing game with a twist. Weather. You will have to race a range of cars from low-end sedans to full off-roaders all the way to designated racing cars. You can see more about the project on our games page.